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November 6, 2012 Vermont General Election

Candidates for US Senator, Vermont

Peter Diamondstone - LU
Cris Ericson - I
Laurel Laframboise - I
John MacGovern - R
Peter Moss - U
Bernie Sanders - D
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Cris Ericson
Bernie Sanders
Personal and Family
Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public Office
Goals If Elected
Achievements If Elected
Areas to Concentrate On
Jobs, Economy, Trade, Business, Industry & Agriculture
Paid Maternity, Family & Medical Leave
Small Businesses
Tariffs & Trade with China
Income Inequality
Farm Subsidies & Supports
Foreign Job Outsourcing
Big Tech Companies & Antitrust
North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Green Economy
Green Infrastructure
Green Farming
Green Jobs
Factory Farms
Family Farm
Massive Agribusiness
Department of Agriculture
Oursourcing of Jobs
Universal Jobs Guarantee
Farm Policies
Rural Economy
Trade Agreements
Currency Manipulation
Seed Corporations
Sexual Assault
Agricultural Infrastructure
Schools & Education
Private Schools Vouchers and Funding
Higher Education
Charter and Magnet Schools
Pre-School and Early Childhood Education
Student Debt & Forgiveness
Student Loans, Scholarships and Pell Grants
Teacher Pay
Public Schools K-12
No Child Left Behind
Higher Education & College Costs
Common Core Education
Student Standards and Testing
Special Education
Historically Black Colleges
Free College Tuition
School Desegregation
Teacher Tenure
Work-Study Program
Minority-Serving Colleges and Universities
Rural Education
Universal Free Schools Meals
Civil, Religious, Gay & Human Rights
Racism & Race Relations
Native Americans & Indigenous People
Persons with Disabilities
Roe v. Wade
African American Reparations
Equal Rights Amendment
Native American Rights
Minority & Racial Disparities
Native American Funding
Minority Communities
Minority Healthcare
Government, Elections & Politics
Voting and Election Reform
Voting Rights for X-Felons
Campaign Contributions, Limits & Citizens United Case
Electoral College
Voting Rights
Money and Special Interests
Winning the Election
President Trump
Election & Voting Security
527 Stealth & Super PACs
Voter Suppression
President Trump Impeachment
Voter Registration
Public Funding of Political Campaigns
False Online Information & Fake News
Native Americans US Treaties
Post Office & Postal Banking
President Trump's Conduct in Office
Homeland Security, Immigration, Border Security & Terrorism
Immigrants, Refugees, & Asylum Seekers
The Wall, Border Security & Border Patrol
Immigration Policy & Reform
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
Illegal Immigration Enforcement
Illegal Immigration as a Crime or Felony
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE)
Immigrant Agriculture Workers
Health & Medical
Health & Medical
Prescription Drugs
Universal Medical Care & Insurance
Women's Health
Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
Mental Health
Medicare for All
Reducing Health Care Costs
Rural Health Care
Drug Price-Gouging
Pharmaceutical Companies
Differences of Other Candidates on Healthcare
Healthcare as a Right
Generic Drugs
Long-Term Care
Community Health Centers
Wellness Promotion
Universal Free Schools Meals
Elderly's Health
Labor, Wages & Unions
Minimum Wage
Unions and Collective Bargaining
Paid Maternity, Family & Medical Leave
Income Inequality
Working Class
Wage Discrimination
Women Workplace Violence
Climate Change & Global Warming
Green New Deal
2016 Paris Climate Change Agreement
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & Regulation
Clean Water Act of 1977
Oil Industry
Environmental Justice
EPA Superfund
Rural Environment
Agricultural Impact on Climate Change
Gun & Property Rights
Guns & Gun Control
Gun Legislation
Ban on Bump Stocks & Assault Weapons
Gun Background Checks
National Rifle Association (NRA)
High Capacity Amo & Gun Locks
Gun Shows
Gun Straw Purchases
Courts, Laws & Justice
Criminal Justice System, Reform & Disparity
Death Penalty
Judicial Discretion & Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
Cash Bail
Criminalization of Poverty
Equal Justice
Crack v Powder Cocaine Disparity
Crime, Police & Imprisonment
Death Penalty
Private Prisons
Criminal Justice Reform
Infrastructure & Transportation
Marijuana, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Gambling & Prostitution
Marijuana Legalization & Recreational Use
President Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts
Taxes on Interest, Dividends, and Capital Gains
Taxing the Wealthiest
Tax Reform
Corporate Tax Breaks & Loopholes
Financial Institutions & Transaction Tax
Inheritance / Estate Taxes
Offshore Tax Shelters
Foreign Policy
Iran Nuclear Deal
Puerto Rico and US Territories
Saudi Arabia
Promotion of Democracy Around World
Turkey and Kurds
Values, Religion, Family, Patriotism & Public Service
Planned Parenthood & Family Planning
Child Care
Military, National Defense & Veterans
Wars, Warmaking & Overseas Deployments
Defense and Military Budget
Veterans Administration (VA)
Veterans Health Care
Veterans' Beneifts
Abortion, Pro-Life & Genetic Engineering
Planned Parenthood & Family Planning
Roe v. Wade
Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice
Women's Reproductive Health
Abortion Federal Funding
Violence Against Women Act
Out-of-State Abortions
Renewable Energy & Fossil Fuels
Fracking and Natural Gas
Nuclear Power
Green Energy
Oil Industry
Racism & Race Relations
Native Americans & Indigenous People
African American Reparations
Native American Rights
Native Americans US Treaties
Sex & Sexuality
Equal Rights Amendment
Sexual Harassment
Internet, Media, Technology, Science & Space
Big Tech Companies & Antitrust
Rural Internet Access
Banks & Finance
Federal Reserve
Financial Industry Regulation
Big Banks & Too Big to Fail
Wall Street
Glass-Steagall Act
Redlining Loans
Credit And Banking
Payday Loans & Predatory Lending
Seniors, Social Security, Medicare, Pensions
Social Security
Seniors & Aging of Population
Social Security Reform
Retirement Security
Housing & Communities
Affordable Housing / Rentals & Supports
Rural America
Consumers & Food
Financial Consumer Protection
Credit Agencies
Meat Production
Credit Cards
Domestic Food Security
Poverty, Welfare & Hunger
Poor Children
Senior Poverty
Rural Poverty
We Need Your Help